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2021「PRO AUDIO&LIGHTING SHOW」に今年も出展しました。

毎年出展している中国の広州で開催される「PRO AUDIO&LIGHTING SHOW」に今年も出展しました。






We exhibited at “PRO AUDIO & LIGHTING SHOW” held in Guangzhou, China every year.

This year, due to the influence of Corona, foreign customers could not participate, but only customers in China were successful.

We are really thankful to you.

This year, we added new products (4 models of speakers, 3 models of power amplifiers, 1 model of preamplifiers, 2 models of microphones) to the product group and were well received.

In particular, the speakers were very successful in the PA PARTY KARAOKE series.

We hope you will take a look at our new products.

15inch PA SPEAKER KSP-8015
KS-3015 15 Inch Speaker